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"Bonnie was absolutely instrumental in helping us exit our timeshare in 2018. She expertly guided us through each critical step in dealing with not only the timeshare developer, but the law team and all the intricacies of the different groups involved with the overall process of documenting all of the history of the person trying to gracefully exit the time share jungle.

Bonnie helped us clearly understand of the jargon used by the law team, the timeshare company and the group heading up the overall exit program. Bonnie was always accessible and very responsive to all of our questions and concerns. And one of the very best things about Bonnie, is she is simply a very nice, thoughtful and caring person.

We really could not have asked for a better or more qualified person to help us successfully exit our time share that we did not really want in the first place.

Thank you Bonnie! We appreciate all you have done for us. And thank you for being our friend."

~Burke & Ann Masterson from Arizona

"Dear Bonnie, I am so glad that you are on a well needed adventure to help more people like us. You were a source of constant assurance that we would be ok after our terrible purchase of a timeshare. It got to the point that we were going to lose our house and all of our retirement plans. You kept us going when we thought we were down. Please take care of all of your future customers like you did us and their dreams can be restored. You were a God send to us and we will be eternally grateful. Take care of yourself and keep loving your ability to take care of people."

~Jerry and Jean McGill

"My dear friend Bonnie, I will never forget how you worked for weeks helping me out of a bad never let me down and always returned my emails and calls really quickly. You had all the answers to my questions..over the last 4 years you have kept in touch..and this year losing my husband you have been so good checking on are a great caring person and I treasure you as a friend...I wish you the best in your business..the ones who need your help are lucky to contacted you ..God Bless you my friend...keep in touch, love you !"

~Betty Holliman, Columbus, Mississippi

"Dear Bonnie, Malcolm & I are so grateful to you for the extensive work you did on our behalf to rid us of the nightmares associated with our timeshare. If it had not been for you we would probably still be under such tremendous pressure from the timeshare company. We truly thank you for all your efforts. Also, Bonnie, thank you for the beautiful journal you sent. You know I love anything with a musical theme so your selection was so perfect. I apologize for being so late with this note of thanks but this gift is truly appreciated and has been put to good use. Again, we thank you sincerely for rescuing us from our timeshare nightmare & burden. With Sincere Gratitude, "

~Patricia Fisher

"Dear Bonnie,

Just a note to say how much we appreciate all you did for us in helping us out of our timeshare nightmare. We had almost lost all hope of finding someone we could trust to help us. We had been “scammed” so many times by our timeshare company and others who promised to sell our timeshare that we were very skeptical about dealing with anyone. However, we were wonderfully surprised when we found you! We truly appreciate the way we were treated by you when we signed on to let you help us with our problems.

You were able to end our nightmare in only a few months. You held our hand through the entire process, keeping us informed all along the way. You answered all our questions and treated us with kindness and respect. You are to be commended on the way you handle your customers with honesty and integrity, treating them like family.

If we can ever be of assistance to you in any way, please don’t hesitate to call on us. Thank you, once again, for all you have done to help us. Wishing you much happiness and success."

~Johnny and Mitzi Hobbs

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