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We are a consumer advocacy company specializing in timeshare cancellation. Our experience in the industry dates, back to 2015. It was at that time we began helping timeshare owners navigate through the cancellation process. Since then, we have helped hundreds of clients. We are proud to say many of them have become our personal friends.

If you are feeling anxious about which timeshare exit company to use, consider using a smaller, more personal and caring company. We’re there when you need us.

We pride ourselves on being forthright and working with you throughout the entire journey. Our goal is not only to succeed in canceling your contract and lifting this burden from your shoulders, but also to let you know we care, and to make you a part of our family.

We care about our clients and their quality of life. Many of our clients purchased timeshares when they were raising their families – now their lives have changed and they no longer travel, due to illness, lack of money or other family matters.

Many of these timeshare owners share the same complaints. The timeshare ownership creates a financial burden, the mortgage and maintenance fees are high and each year the maintenance fees are increasing. Unfortunately, they are also receiving assessment bills, many of which can be hundreds of dollars. Some of the owners were not aware of all the combined fees and feel as though they were taken advantage of.
Many timeshare owners are upset they have a difficult time booking their vacation during the weeks they need, even though some try to book out as far as 13 months in advance. In some cases, they find the week they are trying to book is available but through an online company such as Expedia.

Some clients have complained they told the developer they needed to lower the payment, so the sales person told them they could do that by purchasing more points. It looked like a great idea during the presentation, but 45 days later they find out they have two contracts! The payment was lower, but it is now on another contract, so they have 2 mortgage payments instead of one and two maintenance fees.
In some instances, the client wanted to make sure he could hand it down to his children, it would be part of their legacy. They were never told they would be responsible for all the fees including maintenance and assessments the rest of their lives.

People have become frustrated with the exchange company fees and trying to go where they want when they want.
Others have purchased the timeshare as a rental property, some as a secondary income. They sales person told them they could make money on the timeshare and vacation free the rest of their lives. Now they realize that will never happen.

Everyone’s life changes and some of the clients are now divorced, the children are grown, maybe their spouse has passed away or they are ill.
What all these timeshare owners have in common is they having been searching for a way to rid themselves of the timeshare. We are ready, willing and able to help you turn this ordeal into a thing of the past.

Most of our clients already realize that they have signed a real estate document, and they have already tried to cancel it prior to coming to our company. We work diligently to cancel the contract but most importantly in the end they no longer owe the Timeshare company thousands of dollars.

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